Things to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Renovating a kitchen on your own requires a bit of know-how as well as some basic design knowledge and the ability to understand what you will need to get everything in your kitchen done right. One of the things that can easily make or break a kitchen are the kitchen cabinets. Not just the cabinets themselves, but also the hardware that goes with them. Not only do you have to think about the pulls, but you need to think about the kitchen cabinet hinges as well.

Hinges are not as simple as they sound. Whereas you might think that there are only a couple of different styles to choose from, the truth is that there are a variety of hinge styles to consider. For example, do you know if you are going to use a concealed hinge, a demountable hinge, self-closing hinge, a knife hinge or one of the many other hinge options that are available to you? When you make your hinge choice, do you know whether you need to cut your cabinet doors in a special way in order to make them work and if so do you have the tools to do it?

Understanding cabinet hinges is a very important part of a kitchen renovation because using the wrong cut for the hinge or using the wrong hinge can make everything look terrible and work incorrectly. Doing it right can make your kitchen cabinets look beautiful and professionally put together at the same time.

There are also different brands of kitchen cabinet hinges to consider. Among these brands are Youngdale, Blum, Grass and Amerock. While you will not find a lot of difference between type of hinges within name brands, you will find that some brands offer more choices in styles and colors for particular looks than others and you may choose a specific brand based on a look that they have that no one else offers.

Who knew that choosing the right kitchen cabinet hinges was so important? Now you understand why it is so important that you consider every aspect of installing your kitchen cabinets, from choosing the right colors, materials and installing them correctly to picking out the right hinges for the look you want and to get your cabinets to hang the way that you want to.

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