Blum Cabinet Hinges

Blum hinges are preferred worldwide by cabinet and furniture makers because of design and quality. The hinges are manufactured to meet the ISO9000 standard that signifies they are manufactured with consistent quality. The quality of this product is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty. How many hinge manufacturers offer such guarantees on the quality of their products?

The hidden hinges produced by Blum are the industry standard for hinges that are concealed on the inside of cabinets. Cabinets open quietly and effortlessly when such hinges are properly installed. When this hardware is installed, people are assured of flawless operation each time a door is opened and closed. The hardware is an excellent choice for cabinets where the manufacturing process or material has resulted in slight imperfections to allow for easy installation and adjustments when required. These hinges come with a special tool that is a tool-free clip on mechanism to help with any changes required. These cabinet parts are easily removable allowing for actions such as shelf cleaning, altering shelf height or shelf removal to be made on cabinets.

Blum cabinet hinges are a superb selection for installation on cabinets. Each part has a two or three-way adjustment feature that will depend on the type of cabinet and the adjustment required. A two-way adjustment allows a height and side adjustment with two screws. A three-way adjustment allows for a height, side and depth. The type of cabinet and the doors will determine the best selection of the adjustment hardware style.

Another excellent choice for hinges is either free-swing or self-closing. Self-closing hinges will gently, quietly and slowly close cabinet doors. A free-swinging hinge can be chosen but these hinges are primarily used in furniture applications not kitchen cabinets. The number of hinges required will depend on the size and weight of the doors on each cabinet. The heavier the door, the need for additional hardware increases for stability and safety. Correct hinges and number of hinges is important to ensure smooth cabinet door operation.

If wondering which hinge to choose, understanding the applications, type of cabinets, opening spaces, height and weight will allow the selection of the proper Blum hinges for all cabinets. The costs for these parts vary on the types of hinges chosen as hinges come in a variety of sizes and applications. If Blum cabinet hinges are preferred by cabinet professionals, how can other hinges be chosen?

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