Travel To Liverpool – Get Around In A Car Hire

Liverpool just passed its 800th year as a designated city, and is referred to as the Capital of European culture. The best way to see this old town is in your own Car Hire UK. The rising ridges of sandstone hills and the River Mersey are geographical landmarks of the city that also contribute to the picturesque skyline and beautiful sites.

Historically, Liverpool has been the site of struggles and anti-Semitism. The youth culture of the 1960′s, along with the help of the legendary Beatles have worked to overturn the image of the city, and pushed the view of the city into the music scene.

Now Liverpool wisely capitalizes on the popularity of the Beatles, and promotes much more tourism the area, thus giving a much needed boost to the economy.

Another boost to the economy comes from the millions of football fans that support Liverpool’s Premier League clubs. You can take a ride over to the football fields in your Car hire Liverpool and watch the games being held in the Goodson Park venue as well as the F.C. at Anfield. Visitors can watch a match at either venue even after regular season commences, because the teams have consistently moved into post-season top division status each year since 1888.

If horseracing is more the travelers interest, the Aintree Racecourse is just north of Liverpool in Sefton. Here the famous steeplechase is held in early April.

There are even baseball games to attend in Liverpool, with it being one of the last three venues to hold traditional British Baseball. The Liverpool Trojans are the oldest baseball club to still exist in the UK.

In terms of culture, one can see the largest panel of stained glass in the world at the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral. Or perhaps hear the highest peal of bells in the world at the Anglican Cathedral. The road between the two is named “Hope.”

Traveling throughout Liverpool can be done through any of the three tunnels that run under the river Mersey. One is a railway, while the other two are typical road tunnels.

The quite memorable scenery of Liverpool is also quite diverse. The metropolitan areas provide magnificent skyline views and interesting architecture. There is an expansive countryside that hosts sunsets of the most stunning kind. Then there is the relaxing sight of the coastline meeting the majestic seas.

Then if these sights are not enough, there are World Class sports venues, theater experiences, and free admission museums. The drive around the city is a lesson in culture all its own, and provides visitors a window into the world of John Lennon and the legendary Beatles.

The Culture Capital has many exciting events planned for the coming year, and events will range from festivals, to music events, to football matches, to maritime history lessons.

For the children in all of us, visit the safari park in Knowsley. This exciting drive through adventure is also one of the “greenest” areas in the UK. This means that it carries the most economically positive traits it is able.

The tourist in Liverpool will enjoy an array of authentic dining experiences from Chinese to Russian themed. The famed 60 Hope Street and The London Carriageworks are definitely required dining while there, and the Panoramic falls into the category as well, being located on the 34th floor of the West Tower. You will certainly get to see all of this when you pick up your car hire Liverpool Airport.

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Brush With Death by Hailey Lind

Brush With Death by Hailey Lind is described as an “art lover’s mystery.” I am one of those people who would definitely not bill myself as an art lover, but I know what I like and I liked this Annie Kincaid novel.

Annie Kincaid was not always on the right side of the law, in fact her lineage includes a master art forger-her grandfather. Her father took the high road and became a college professor. Between the two varying backgrounds Annie decided to go legit as a faux art restorer. She also helps her landlord out occasionally with security matters for art pieces.

What I liked about her character is that she has a sense of bravado (running after masked ghouls in a cemetery at night) as well as a sense of humor. She has the ability to laugh at her goofs and her near death experiences. Annie is far from perfect!

During this book she mentioned her “too good to be true” boyfriend Josh, that she doesn’t want to hurt and really needs to break up with, but we never actually read any real conversations with him, since he spent the entire story “out of town”. He left a couple of messages but that was it.

Annie did seem to be just about to give in to nature’s “urges” with not one but two other gentlemen and went to a family dinner of a third. That dinner she over-imbibed to the point of being put to bed in a spare room. This might have proved to be her undoing since she was so tipsy, but at 3 in the morning she was summoned to the graveyard she had been working at to save her assistant from being left for dead in crypt.

Brush With Death is about a real painting that is hanging in this local columbarium unbeknownst to most-and murders are being committed in a grand effort to keep this secret.

Annie knows that security for precious art is sometimes very inadequate, but was she crazy to think that one was hanging in a little town outside San Francisco without the slightest bit of watching? Still she wasn’t being paid to investigate. Annie meets Cindy Tanaka, a graduate student, while taking a break during a graveyard shift. They run into ghoul/thief. They make plans to work together when Annie finds Cindy dead, apparently of suicide a couple of days later.

And Cindy isn’t the only rather odd death.

Tired of being a pariah in the art world, Annie hopes to clearly identify the piece of art as real and send it back to Italy where it belongs. She also wants to find out who is trying to kill her, her assistant and has been successful at killing three people who seemed to know the truth about the painting.

Brush with Death is written by Hailey Lind who is actually two sisters; one an artist, the other a historian. Julie Goodson-Lawes is the skilled artist. She has (like the character Annie) run her own faux finishing and design business for almost 10 years. The other half of the union is Carolyn Lawes, a historian who has taught all over France and the USA. She has been published extensively on American Women’s history.

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Coles Crossing – A Master Planned Community in Cypress, Texas

Set into the wooded scenery of Northwest Houston, Coles Crossing has built a cheerful family ambiance since 1998. Conveniently situated at the connection of US Highway 290 and Barker Cypress Road, the neighborhood is near to several alternate access routes, like FM 1960, Loop 610, Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Parkway), to keep residents connected to their area. A master-planned development centered on retaining the natural environment, Coles Crossing offers 2,630 single-family home sites, as well as commercial and multi-family sites, nestled in 1,500 acres of tree-laden land.

THis neighborhood showcases a vast choice single-family homes varying from the moderately priced mid $250s to private estate homes on lots one-half acre or larger in size varying in price from the $450s to the high $900s. All homes in the community flourish with essential touches from picturesque cottage architecture to established designs with stucco, stone and brick exteriors, front porches, tapered columns and electrifying two-story ceilings, sunrooms and French doors, to wrought iron staircases, opera balconies, wine cellars, and even European-style auto courts.

Residents of the neighborhood buy more than just a superior home, they also appreciate a host of comforts like 175 acres of recreational conveniences, region patrols and backdoor garbage pick-up. The many fun areas feature sports practice fields, a freeform swimming pool with fountains and “lazy river” water feature, lighted tennis courts, an indoor fitness center, and fishing ponds. Scattered around the neighborhood are parks, playgrounds and miles of greenbelt trails in addition to a 56-acre Nature Park along Cypress Creek with 2.5-mile nature trail.

Coles Crossing community benefit from numerous shopping in addition to a “brand new” HEB, Randalls, Wal-Mart, Luby’s, and many other retailers and restaurants! Coles Crossing offers a real array of commercial shops and services.

As part of Cyfair ISD, “Texas’ most ‘recognized’ district,” Neighborhood students go to Sampson Elementary, Goodson Middle School, and Cy-Woods High School. Also available are two branches of Cy-Fair College located in close distance. Being in Cyfair Isd is a significant positive for purchasing in this locale.

A community of neighbors, Coles Crossing offers a vast array of activities for residents year-round, from summer concerts and Labor Day picnics to the annual Fall Festival, Christmas at the North Pole, Horse Drawn Carriage Rides to check out holiday lights, and several other events, we call them “Coles Crossing Family Traditions” The family setting from championship swimming to old-fashioned block parties makes Coles Crossing an unparalleled place that always keeps neighborhood in mind.

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White by Light: Gain Whiter Teeth in Less Time and at a Lower Cost

Available teeth whitening methods offer abundant options to the individual wanting a cleaner, healthier looking smile. Various items can alter the overall appearance of teeth, including coffee, smoking, some types of fluorides, and natural mineral structure alterations. Traditional cleaning, while still recommended by dentistry providers, has been improved with options such as specially designed bleaching treatments. A change in diet is a natural choice for obtaining a whiter appearance; however, additional choices are often necessary to remove discoloration. Toothpastes, bleaching, home kits, strips, specialized dental processes, and the more recent option of “white by light” are a few examples of cleaning possibilities. Most procedures performed at home or by a dentist use a certain concentration of peroxide in conjunction with several applications. Advanced light therapy has become an alternative option for receiving the same results in shorter time.

Advanced Light Therapy: A Prevalent Choice for Dentists and Individuals

Ultraviolet application enhances the bleaching ability of peroxides used for whitening teeth. Advanced light therapy technology wavelengths are capable of performing up to eight times better than the average teeth whitening system. Cosmetic dentists offer this treatment to individuals who need a fast solution for a wedding or interview because it provides stunning results in less than an hour. The process can be followed up with tray treatments. According to several studies, advanced technologies do not produce the extensive heat that can be associated with damage, as older methods might. White by Light treatment involves the application of a gel, which is combined with blue/violet/infrared wavelengths to increase oxidization, thus providing faster results.

Newer options other than costly and time consuming in-office laser treatments have given individuals, dentists, spas, and salons the capability to perform this practice affordably in about twenty minutes. It provides the following benefits:

Quick Results
Lower Cost
Easy to Perform
Simple Assembly
Safer Form of LED Technology

While there has been controversy involving this approach, a variety of earlier concerns are addressed by advanced light therapy options. Heat has been shown in studies to harm the gums or irritate repaired teeth. LED device and wavelength alterations have greatly reduced these concerns and made it possible to offer a safer, effective treatment. These professionals, among others, performed a clinical study on light-activated methods:

Mary Tavares – Doctor of Dental Medicine
Jacyn Stultz – Registered Dental Hygienist
Margaret Newman – Registered Dental Hygienist
Jo Max Goodson – Doctor of Dental Surgery

After testing the effects of peroxide bleaching with and without LED elements, these professionals found that LED methods did augment the process. The results were not as successful when these elements were used individually, and an average of eighty-eight percent of effects form the procedure remained visible for approximately six months. Test subjects were evaluated one week later to test for sensitivity and side effects. Of the evaluated subjects, approximately twenty-one percent of peroxide controlled subjects experienced sensitivity, while those using light had no sensitivity. Individuals seeking this non-invasive method have the ability to perform White by Light at home or by means of professional application at a reduced cost than typical laser cleaning approaches.

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Values & Beliefs – The Path to Success or Failure, Part 2

Part 2: “Beliefs”

Your Beliefs and Values work together to determine how you are going to feel. Let’s say one of your top Values in life is success. Well, what has to happen for you to be successful? What I learned was that our Values are our targets. But how do you know if you have hit your target? That’s based on your Beliefs and your Beliefs are generalizations that you have made, or rules you have set up for yourself about what has to happen for you to experience a certain result in your life.

Rules are like “If-Then” statements. For example, “If I make enough money, Then I am successful”. We all have different rules. We may have the same Values but have different rules as to what has to happen for those things to be met. You have to be careful not to make your rules too difficult to attain or you will never experience the result that has to happen and you just set yourself up for failure. Your current Beliefs may be keeping you from experiencing the level of joy and pleasure that you deserve to have. You have to find out where this is happening in your life and make some changes. You have to set yourself up so that your Beliefs, or your rules, are very easy to meet. As long as you do this and keep setting your site on new goals and enjoy the process, you have some real power for your life.

Life is a process and you have to learn to enjoy that process, not just being there or getting to some place or destination. Life is not a destination. Most of us in life have Values we didn’t design that are taking us in a direction that we have no clue about. We may have security up there and have no idea that is shutting us down. We may have adventure but we don’t have it tempered with intelligence. So we’re out there like a maniac doing crazy things. And here’s one that I figured out for myself that I had fix. I had success very close to the top of my list of “Moving Towards Values” but at the top of my “Moving Away From Values” was fear of rejection and failure. Can you see where that would cause me to sabotage myself. I was having a terrible time just taking action.

But even worse, we have all these Beliefs that we think have to happen in order to succeed that are absurd. We make it so difficult on ourselves. All those states that you want to get you can get right now. All the emotions that you can ever have are nothing more than physiological storms in your brain. If you put your body in the right place physically and mentally, things you can control, focus the right way, and you will feel those emotions or states now. But here’s the problem. Most people set themselves up so that it’s practically impossible to win the game of life. They have set up the rules of this game so that it is so tough to win that they wonder why they are disappointed or frustrated or angry all the time. It’s because they have lousy Beliefs and they have Values that someone else created and came from the environment around them.

Your goal should be to design your Values and Beliefs that automatically make it easy to feel alive and win every single day no matter what happens because you cannot completely control your environment. You want to empower yourself and be making new distinctions every day. So, take a really good look at what are really your core Beliefs?

There are two types of Beliefs. There are “Global Beliefs” which are giant generalizations about life or people or things. If fact, “Global Beliefs” are usually languaged in the form of “Life is_______”, “People are_______”, “I am_______”, etc. The words to recognize are “is” “are” and “am”. So, what are some of the Beliefs you have about who your are? Do they govern how much of your ability or skill you really use and how much of your personal power you really tap into?

Your Beliefs are going to determine what you are willing to try or not try and the success you have or don’t have. They literally determine the quality of life you have. If you are unhappy in any parts of your life, it is probably because you have Values that are pulling you in opposite directions. You need to align those and you can start to do that today by changing some of your core Beliefs. You’ve probably heard this before but here it is again. Whether you believe something is true or whether you believe it’s not, you’re right. Your Beliefs are what open the flood gates of possibility in your life. Limiting Beliefs shut you down and chain you to limitation. All you have to do is adopt a new belief and you can literally do it in a moment or two.

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